“Now’s your chance to show that you really do have blues in your blood! Drop on in and pick some of the brand new BluzNdaBlood podcast souvenirs! Use it with the pride of the blues and my sincere appreciation! I hope I catch ya wearing one of the shirts or the hats! ALL proceeds will go to an emergency medical fund for blues musicians! Please support the effort! Hey, send me pictures of you wearing your BluzNdaBlood items, and I’ll post them on the web site!” Dave Harrison

Please pick the artwork below that you wish to have your merchandise to have, and then I’ll point you to a special site just with that artwork! This will continue to grow and grow so check back often!

For merchandise with Michael Allen’s “Big Joe Williams” artwork click here!

For merchandise with Michael Allen’s “Hooker Blues” artwork, click here!

MORE TO COME! And soon!

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