The BluzNdaBlood Show #282, More New Blues For A New Year!

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The BluzNdaBlood Show #282, More New Blues For A New Year!

Intro Song,
Corey Dennison Band, “Getcha’ Pull”, Self-Titled CD

First Set
Altered Five Blues Band, “On My List To Quit”, Charmed And Dangerous
Chickenbone Slim, “Vodka And Vicodin”, The Big Beat
Parker and Gray, “Give A Damn”, The Blues Look Good On You

Second Set
Jim Allchin, “Healing Ground”, Decisions
Jim Shaneberger Band, “Aint’t Your Daddy’s Blues”, Above and Below
Joel Dasilva, “Spell On Me”, Everywhere From Here

Third Set – WIB
Ghalia & Mama’s Boys, “4 AM Fried Chicken”, Let The Demons Out
Gina Sicilia, “Never Gonna End”, Tug Of War
Stacy Jones, “One Stop Light”, Love Is Everywhere

Fourth Set
Taj Mahal and Keb Mo, “Waiting On The World To Change”, TajMo
Lightnin’ Willie, “Sad n’ Blue”, No Black No White Just Blues
Chris Daniels and The Kings with Freddi Gowdy, “Wouldn’t Treat A Dog (The Way You Treat Me)”, Blues With Horns, Vol. 1
John Nemeth, “I’m Funkin’ Out”, Feelin’ Freaky
The Gordon Meier Blues Experience, “Red Headed Woman”, Magic Kingdom

Thanks to Michael Allen Engstrom at the Crossroads Blues Gallery

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The BluzNdaBlood Show #275, Doublin’ Down!

Intro Song,
Benny Turner , “Big Legged Woman”, My Brother’s Blues

First Set
Jim Allchin , “The Mexican End”, Decisions
Jim Allchin , “Just Plain Sick”, Decisions
Nick Schnebelen Band, “Pain In My Mind”, Just Like You
Nick Schnebelen Band, “Bad Woman Blues”, Just Like You

Second Set
Benny Turner, “Same Old Blues”, My Brother’s Blues
Gina Sicilia, “I Don’t Want To Be In Love”, Tug Of War
Gina Sicilia, “They Never Pay Me”, Tug Of War
Chickenbone Slim, “The Big Beat”, The Big Beat
Chickenbone Slim, “Man Down”, The Big Beat

Third Set
Albert Castiglia, “Quit Your Bitching”, Up All Night
Albert Castiglia, “95 South”, Up All Night
John Nemeth, “Kool Aid Pickle”, Feelin’ Freaky
John Nemeth, “Get Offa Dat Butt”, Feelin’ Freaky

Thanks to Michael Allen Engstrom at the Crossroads Blues Gallery

Thoughts and prayers go out to all those involved and impacted in the horrific events that happened in Las Vegas. Next show will be Doublin’ Down on Love… Let’s make sure we drown out all of those haters in the world.

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The BluzNdaBlood Show #257, More New Blues For A New Year!

Intro Song,
Colin James, “Watch Out”, “Blue Highways

First Set
John Latini, “Black-Eye Blues’”, The Blues Just Makes Me Feel Good,
Jeff Chaz, “Savin’ Eveything For You”, The Silence Is Killing Me
J W Jones, “Price You Pay”, High Temperature

Second Set –
Kenny Neal, “Bloodline”, Bloodline
Dave Keller, “It’s Time You Made Up Your Mind”, Right Back Atcha
Landon Spradlin, “No More Blue Mondays”, No More Blue Mondays

Third Set –
Lew Jetton & 61 South, “Move On Yvonne”, Rain
Mike Zito, “Wasted Time”, Make Blues Not War

Third Set –
Gina Sicilia, “They Never Pay Me”, Sunset Avenue
Kat Riggins, “Blues Is My Business”, Blues Revival
Nancy Wright, “Back Room Rock”, PlayDate!, with Mighty Mike Schermer

Fourth Set –
The Jimmys, “I Wonder”, Live From Transylvania
Trey Johnson and Jason Willmon, “When The Money Runs Out”, The IBC #32
The Smoke Wagon Blues Band, “Directly Under Her Thumb”, Cigar Store

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The BluzNdaBlood Show #250, More New Hot Shots of Blues!

Intro Song,
Mitch Kashmar, “Makin’ Bacon”, West Coast Toast

First Set
Terry Hanck Band, “Live To Love”, From Roadhouse to Your House
Gina Sicilia, “Abandoned”, Sunset Avenue
Lew Jetton & 61 South, “Who’s Texting You’”, Rain

Second Set –
Crooked Eye Tommy, “I Stole The Blues”, Butterflies & Snakes
Eddie Turner & Trouble Twins, “Jody”, Naked… In Your Face
Isaiah B Brunt, “Lost Jacket Blues”, A Moment In Time

Third Set –
Liz Mandeville, “Reefer and a Glass of Wine”, The Stars Motel
Kat Riggins, “Queen Bee’”, Blues Revival
Vaneese Thomas, “Sat’Day Night On The River”, The Long Journey Home

Fourth Set –
Stevie J Blues, “Cradle Robber”, Cradle Robber
Johnny Neel Tommy Lepson Dave Chapell, “Sad Day”, East Coast Sound
Jim McCarty and Friends, “Let Me Love You Baby”, Born Certified

Thanks to Matt for touching base after I provided two show of harp music he requested!

Thanks to Michael Allen Engstrom for allowing me to grace my web sites and social media sites with his great artwork!

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The BluzNdaBlood Show #221, Bruce’s Blues!

Intro Song
Victor Wainwright & the Wild Roots, “Subliminal Criminal”, Lit Up!, WildRoots Records

First Set
Billy the Kid & The Regulators, “Who”, I Can’t Change, produced by Damon Fowler
Albert Cummings, “Blues Makes Me Feel So Good”, True To Yourself, 2005 Blind Pig Records
Jason Ricci, “Done With The Devil”, Done With The Devil, Eclecto Groove Records

Second Set

Randy McQuay, “Rehab Blues”, Blues, 2015 IBC Blues Compilation CD
Samantha Fish, “I’m In Love With You”, Wild Heart, 2015 Ruf Records
Gina Sicilia, “Poverty”, Blues For A Cure, Vol. 7, Tony’s Treasures CD

Third Set

John Nemeth, “Do You Really Want That Woman”, Soul Live, John Nemeth Music
Mike Zito, “Dirty Blonde ”, Pearl River, Eclecto Groove Records,
Sean Carney, “Sugar Sweet”, Blues For A Cure, Vol. 7, Tony’s Treasures CD

Fourth Set
Coco Montoya, “Nothing But Love”, Suspicion, 2000 Alligator Records
Keb Mo, “More For Your Money”, Bluesamericana, A Kind of Blues Music CD
Victor Wainwright & the Wild Roots, “Saturday Night Sunday Morning”, Boom Town, Brand new 2015 Blind Pig Records

Shout Outs to all the musicians and friends who joined me at the Heritage Music BluesFest 2015! It was great to see everyone! Especially Sean, Lee, Gordon and his wife, David, and LB! I had a super time! Thanks to Bruce and family! Check out my “BluzNdaBlood Dave” Facebook site for lots of pictures! And the BluzNdaBlood You Tube site for new videos!