The BluzNdaBlood Show #249, 15 New Hot Shots!

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The BluzNdaBlood Show #249, 15 New Hot Shots!

Intro Song,
Bobby Rush, “I Don’t Want Nobody Hanging Around”, Porcupine Meat

First Set
Bruce Katz Band, “Don’t Feel So Good Today”, Out From The Center
Mick Kolassa, “My Hurry Done Broke”, Taylor Made Blues 100% of gross profits to Blues Foundation
Little Mike, “Cotton Mouth’”, How Long?

Second Set –
Jason Elmore & Hoodoo Witch, “House Rockin’ Boogie #7”, Champagne Velvet
Gonzalo Bergara, “Zalo’s Blues”, Zalo’s Blues
Mike Sponza, “Carpe Diem”, Ergo Sum

Third Set –
Deb Ryder, “Ain’t Gonna Be Easy”, Grit Grease & Tears
Nancy Wright, “Yes He Do’”, Play Date!
Jj thames, “I’m Leavin’”, Raw Sugar

Fourth Set –
Eric Sommer, “Cereal Song”, Brooklyn Bolero
The McKee Brothers, “One Of Us Gots Ta Go”, Enjoy It While You Can
Luxuriant Sedans, “My Back Scratcher”, Born Certified

Fifth Set –
Holly Hyatt and Jon Burden, “Left Handed Soul’”, Shufflin’ The Blues
Vasti Jackson, “Taste of New Orleans’”, New Orleans Rhythm Soul Blues

Thanks as always to Michael Allen Engstrom for letting me his incredible art work on my web site and social media sites!

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The BluzNdaBlood Show #184, “Bustin’ at the Seams with Blues!”

Well, hello there! And welcome back to another episode of The BluzNdaBlood Show! Ya know, when I have theme based shows where I play all organ music or all harp music, the new CDs just start stacking up! There’s no doubt that this studio is busting art the seams with blues! And that’s just Show #184 is called!

We started off the show with The Bluesmasters Vol. 3 with their tune Colorado Boogie! Thanks to Blind Raccoon for sending me a copy of that CD!

So who else is on our playlist for today’s show?

The first full set:
Eddie Cotton, “Pay To Play”, Here I ComeDeChamp Records
Roomful of Blues, “That’s Right!”, 45 Live, Alligator Records
Dixie Peach, “Rick’s Shuffle”, Blues With Friends, Big Shew Records
Damon Fowler,”TV Mama”, Sounds of Home, Blind Pig Records

The second set and for our Women In Blues set for Show 184:
Adrianna Marie and her Groovecutters, “He May Be Your Man”, Double Crossing Blues
The Bridget Kelly Band, “Why I Sing the Blues”, Back in the Blues, Alpha Sun Productions
JJ Thames, “I’ma Make It”, Tell You What I KnowDeChamp Records
The Lucy Hammond Band, “Proof”, Proof, Giddy Minion Records
Niecie Blues, “Blues Ain’t Nothin'”, Wanted Woman, Ride The Tiger Records

Our third and final set for today’s show includes:
Tinsley Ellis, “Kiss of Death”, Midnight Blues, Heartfixer Music
The Suitcase Brothers, “Pigmeat”,  Living with the Blues, Hotsak
Johnny Drummer, “Another Rooster is Pecking My Hen”, Bad Attitude, Earwig Music
Billy Branch and the Sons of Blues, “Baby Let Me Butter Your Corn”, Blues Shock, Blind Pig Records

Well, you know the routine! Now that you’ve heard this great music, go out and buy their music! Or better yet, go out and see them live and tell them that you heard their music on The BluzNdaBlood Show! Your first stop for the best of the blues!

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Special thanks always goes out to Michael Allen Engstrom for letting me use his GREAT artwork on my web sites! Check out his super work at The Crossroads Blue Gallery!

Until next time, this is Dave Harrison reminding you to keep the blues alive and keep the blues in the blood!